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Episode 15

In this episode, Matt and Cricket reminisce about G jobs and the Good Old Days at pre-Carly HP, and answer Noe Nevarez’s question about apparent timeouts in nslookup and Alan Shackelford’s question about the effect of signing a parent zone on its subzones.  Then Matt plugs DNS-OARC in an act of contrition and proceeds to throw Cisco under the bus for offering an option in CNR that’s less than infrastructure-friendly.  And finally – and somewhat predictably – the conversation veers off into movies featuring people who can’t form long-term memories (though, incredibly, they forget Dory in “Finding Nemo”!) and upcoming business travel.


Episode 14

In this episode – returning after an unintentional hiatus – Matt and Cricket touch the third rail of DNS security, the DNSSEC versus DNScurve debate, by answering Yiorgos Adamopoulos’s question.  They also answer Shane Wegner’s question about minimal responses, Matt brings Cricket up to date on progress in the effort to sign the root zone (including a reference to slides by Duane Wessels from NANOG 48), and Matt describes a recent “brush with greatness.”